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The AGAPE Community Development & Empowerment Corporation (ACDEC) was established from a desire of AGAPE Church of Los Angeles and community leaders to serve as a community based organization to effect, impact and increase the quality of life for residents in South Los Angeles and surrounding communities. Having surveyed the financial, academic, health, employment, housing, and safety statistics of the community, several disparities indicated a significant decline in the quality of life for the residents of these populations.

 The AGAPE Community Development & Empowerment Corporation (ACDEC) mission is to affect significant and sustainable improvement in the quality of life for all Angelenoos by providing social services that will improve, develop, and stabilize neighborhoods in South Los Angeles through the promotion of community and economic development activities and to engage in neighborhood development services that address critical needs of targeted populations.

 The AGAPE Community Development & Empowerment Corporation (ACDEC) has a goal to provide holistic delivery of services and community engagement which are directed to improve the quality of life within South Los Angeles.



FINANCIAL LITERACY – Most financial experts agree that stimulating financial conversations is key to financially stability. Here at ACDEC,we have created a seamless financial literacy model that is designed to enhance financial wellness by preparing individuals for proper financial management and debt consolidation. Our model targets the following financial topics: Budgeting, Credit Repair, The Danger of Pay Day & Title Loans, Student Loan Debt, Home Ownership, Investing amongst other financial topics.


Offering seamless, “no-fail,” job training, job placement, and post-employment training system for youth, adults, seniors, veterans, and dislocated workers as defined by the federal Workforce Investment Act by providing community residents with job readiness, tutoring, GED assistance, post-secondary preparation, paid work experience, on-the-job-training, customized training, leadership development, case management, job advancement, and supportive services.


Improving the physical and mental well being of community residents by encouraging healthy living practices by offering services such as nutrition workshops with hands on demonstrations for food preparation technique,providing a safe space for physical activity, fitness classes and mental “recharge sanctuaries” free of charge for community residents.

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